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School Management Software

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The SMS- School Management System Is Highly professional software designed to meet the ever growing needs of any school. The Software is divided into several modules which are Student’s admission, Institution’s Account, Report Cards and Administration.  The system has a system administrator module for security management.


  • One Click report for your needs.
  • Save unlimited data of all sessions and retrieve it any time you want.
  • Find student records, payment records, results of students in seconds.
  • Get result grades, comments, and class positions of students automatically.
  • Role based security to authorize operations of users in certain areas only.
  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • Copy paste software, no need of experts.
  • Backup restores utility included for easy backups & restoration of the database
  • Send Mobile SMS to parents.
  • Send Mobile SMS to teachers.
  • Upload student’s information list, fee bill, progress reports in website.
  • Working over LAN.

Starting The SMS

Assuming you have the system successfully setup, you can access the system through a desktop icon (SMS). The following logon screen will pop up in a matter of seconds:

Logon Screen

Logging In

Log into the system by selecting a user provide a valid username and press tab to show password filed. Fill the password as given by the SMS system administrator; click Next. If details are wrong then access will be denied with a message, otherwise access will be granted and the system will take you to the main screen. Also you can change your password using this screen.

SMS Main Environment & Navigation

The main environment of the SMS shows the five modules of the SMS: Student’s Admission, Institution Account, Progress Report Cards, Administration and Others. Here below are the various menu definitions in the system. You can use friendly.

Student’s Admission:

Add student Record

This is the module that is used in registration of New student

To register a new student the user will press on the Add button. All the textboxes will then be enabled to facilitate the input data. You can also upload the student photo by clicking Add Picture. Uploaded photos should be type (.bmp). Upon completion of the above form, click Save that appears.

Modification of existing student details is done the following screen. A student can be searched easily by the admission number, class or name of the student.

School Leaving Certificate

The system is in a position to generate automatically the school leaving certificate. Once a certificate is issued, it cannot be reissued friendly and it will pick all the necessary information from the admission register. Below is a sample of the school leaving certificate generated by the system.

Combine Attendance

The students attendance list can be maintained by this module. It is automatic and it is withdrawn from the admission list.

Character and Birth Certificate 

The system will generate character and birth certificate as per the institution’s register. All one needs is to search for a particular student and rest of the details will load automatically. Below find a character and birth certificate samples generated by the system.

Student Complaint Letter

In case of any complain concerning the student, an automatic complaint letter can be generated by the system. All you need is to select the student and specify the complain. Below is a sample student complain letter.

Make Book List

The list of the books required by the school from any student can be listed here. See the below screen.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the session can be generated from this screen.


The syllabus per class is loaded automatically upon setup of subjects of every particular class. Below is a sample screen.

Institutions Account

This is the finance module and it has the following submenus: Fee Structure, Fee collection, Fee Defaulters, Print Recovery Details cash book, ledger book, trial balance, fee register, salary statement/ Pay slip.

Fee Structure

All you need to do to generate the fee structure is to select the appropriate field before loadings the fee structure. You can either search by individual or by class. All the overhead will be listed and you can start entering the amount for each overhead. Total Fee is automatically calculated. Remarks for the fee can be set too. You have other options of printing the fee structure. Three copies of the fee structure are printed simultaneously; Student’s copy, Bank’s copy and School’s copy. Below a screen shot of when capturing the overheads.

Fee Collection

Once a fee structure is issued, the system will be ready to fetch fee from the account department. Fee collection is divided into three terms. Upon launching fee collection, you will be represented with a search box where you can search the student and the fee payment module will be ready to accept inputs of different overheads. In case the fee is not fully paid, the account officer will distribute the paid fee to the different overheads. Upon completion the fee receipt can be out. Below is a screen shot for the same.

Fee Receipt

Upon completion of fee entry, the system will print an automatic receipt.

Fee Defaulters

A class wise list of fee defaulters can be printed on demand. This list will summarize the fee details of each student. Below is a screen shot of the same. Ukmmklm

Daily Cash Book

The daily cash book is simplified in SMS. All you need is to choose any overhead and feed in the amount after specifying if it is an income or an expense. Automatically, the ledger book will be created and the income and expense posted successively. Below is a screen shot.

Ledger Book

A Summary of all the overheads are presented in a ledger book form.

Fee Register Summary

The yearly summary of all fee register can also be obtained easily. It can be categorized by class or searched individual.

Trial Balance Print preview

Here you can cheek monthly or yearly wise Income and Expenditure.

Salary Statement / Pay slip

The salary for the staff is populated and pay slips can be generated easily. Below are shot screen.

Report cards

This is the academic that is used in progress generstion. All you need is to choose a class and setup the subject of the particular class and save. Upon making progress report for any sudent, subjects will load bases on c;ass and subject taken. Below is the screen used to capture subject.

Administration Module

This is generally where the administration is handled. It contains the following submenus Add signature and logo, Make student’s ID Card, Institution Pass, Institution Staff, Staff statement, Leave Record Teacher, Registration Return, Staff Experience Certificate, No Objection Certificate, Teacher & Class Time Table, Accession Register, Library Registers, Laboratory Stock Register, General Stock Register, Dispatch/Received Registers, Management Body, Print Envelope, Students Birthday, Make New Session, User Accounts, Visitor Book, Illegal Login.

Student ID Card

Students ID card can be generated automatically and printed on both sides. Under Administration, click on Make student ID Card and choose the student to make ID for. The details will be load and you can fill the required fields. The back ID card is editable and anything can be written on it. Below is a sample ID card Making and generation.

Add Staff Profile

This is the registration screen used to capture staff details. All fields are self explanatory. Below is a capture of staff Bio-Data form.

Edit Staff Details

Edit Staff can be edited using the below form in case any errors detected after the form has been saved. You can search a particular staff and do the necessary change.

Print Staff Details

The staff details for a particular staff can be printed at any given time. Below is a sample printed staff details

Staff Experience and No Objection Certificate

Staff can be given the experience and no objection certificate. This is automatically generated by the system basin on the current details.

Teachers & Class Timetable

Teachers and class timetable can be set here. Individual Teachers can have their personal timetable and know their timetable within a matter of seconds.

Library Register

This is the module which handles the library. The SMS has an inbuilt library system where the books are maintained. Stock of books can be added. Then books issued to either a staff or a student. The procedure for issuing a book will involve first checking the availability of the book or the status of the week. If the book is available or present then it can be issued out. Once a book is issued it cannot be reissued. The system will tell you who has the book. A book can be deposited back and its availability changes immediately. Below are screen shot of the Library

Library Stock Register

This is where you register books or add stock.

Issuing A Book to Student or a Staff

  • Select the student
  • Select the book
  • Issue the book

Depositing Back A Book

All you need to enter is the book number and deposit back a book.

Laboratory Register

This is where laboratory equipments can be maintained. All facilities in the labs be added and maintained here

General Stock Register

The other stocks can be maintained under this sub menu. Stock can be setup and the records kept here.

Management Body

The management body of the school can be maintained here. This includes BOG, Disciplinary committee, PTA.

Teachers Appointment Letter

Appointed letter can be generated by selecting particular staff. Below is a screen shot of a sample appointment letter.

School Rules For Teachers

The school rules and regulation concerning the teacher can be reviewed here.

Employment Contract

The employee contact letter can be obtained from this menu. The user has to specify or select a particular staff and print the contract. Below is a sample employee contract from

User Accounts

This is where the users of the system and the right are given. These rights are given exclusively by the system administrator. A user added by the administrator and a role specified. User can have different access levels according to the setting by the system administrator.

Assigning right to users

The administrator selects what a user has to see or manage. The created user will only be able to see what he/she required to see. Below is a screen shot of user right.

Visitors Book

This is where the visitors of the school are maintained. It is easy and simple to use.

Illegal Login

The system will detect anybody who tries to log into the system with wrong credentials. It will capture the time and tried username and password as shown in the below shot